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Friday, March 23, 2018

Divinity: Original Sin 2 vinyl soundtrack to release - track list

To celebrate the launch of the soundtrack, Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition players will receive a 25% discount coupon for Divinity: Original Sin 2 on Steam

Larian Studios and German music distributor Black Screen Records have worked in cooperation to produce three versions of the soundtrack to Divinity: Original Sin 2, composed by Borislav Slavov, on a limited pressing.

Each version is pressed on high-quality 180-gram vinyl, produced in Germany by Optimal Media, and mastered for the format by Christian Bethge at RAMA Tonstudio.

Music aficionados will enjoy three versions:

  • Remastered Original Soundtrack Audiophile Edition 180g - a traditional black vinyl for people who still believe color kills sound quality.
  • Remastered Original Soundtrack Ltd. Edition 180g Gold Vinyl - a non-traditional gold vinyl for people who believe everything is better in gold.
  • Remastered Original Soundtrack Ltd. Edition Red/Black Starburst Vinyl - a demon-enriched nietzschean foray into madness and chaos.

Each vinyl comes with a free download code for the full digital album.

A01 Divinity - Original Sin 2 (Main Theme) (3:39)
A02 Mead, Gold and Blood (Ifan's Theme) (2:40)
A03 Symphony of the Void (3:29)
A04 Rivellon (2:17)
A05 Welcome to Fort Joy (2:04)
A06 A Part of Their Story (4:12)
A07 Reflections from the Past (2:43) 
B01 Quirky Bones (1:23)
B02 Dancing with the Source (2:26)
B03 Dancing with the Source (Cello Version) (2:24)
B04 Dancing with the Source (Tambura Version) (2:25)
B05 Dancing with the Source (Bansuri Version) (2:25)
B06 Dancing with the Source (Oud Version) (2:24)
B07 Sing for Me (Lohse Version) (2:44)
B08 Amber Ale (3:43) 
C01 A Single Drop of Magic (3:28)
C02 Sebille's Theme (3:28)
C03 Path of the Godwoken (3:14)
C04 A Tear in the Veil (4:37)
C05 Divine's Lament (4:21)
D01 Fane's Theme (2:22)
D02 Sins and Gods (Choir Version) (2:39)
D03 Red Prince Theme (3:01)
D04 The Queen's High Seas (Beast's Theme) (2:33)
D05 The Battle of Divinity (5:03)
D06 Sins and Gods - Revelation (2:27)

Also included is a piano score of the Main Theme, for anyone itching to get their inner-Bard on.

Each version will be available in April, with pre-orders open on the Black Screen Records website. Anyone lucky enough to be attending PAX East in Boston will be able to purchase the record directly from Larian Studios themselves, who will be happy to sign as many of them as they can, along with other merchandise available at the show.

Attached, the full tracklisting sprawled across the two-vinyl sets.

In celebration of the launch of the vinyl record, anyone who owns a Steam version of Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition (this includes anyone who bought Divinity: Original Sin at release and beyond) will find in their Steam inventory a 25% discount coupon for Divinity: Original Sin 2 so that they can put some context to the music!​

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