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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Bomberman style Blast Zone! Tournament game coming - PC PS4 XOne

Bomb-based action game features a mind-boggling array of multiplayer-options and content never before seen in this genre.

Aiming to deliver the ultimate multiplayer experience for both console and PC gamers, Blast Zone! Tournament is a treasure trove of cross-platform multiplayer riches. At its core, up to 8 players can compete locally on their couch, or they can take the battle online in 32-person multiplayer frenzies. Where the game really shines is its ability to combine and customise the two options, allowing gamers to host 32-player matches with endless combinations of couch-based local teams and online players. Multiplayer will also work PC to PlayStation 4 and PC to Xbox One. Gameplay takes place across seven distinctly themed locales including a tropical jungle, a pirate ship on the high seas, and even the most notorious of venues - a smoke filled 1990s dance club.

Once players have teamed-up, they can select from up to 10 unique multiplayer modes, including traditional Team Deathmatch, Bomb Blast in which the dynamics change as bombs are used to paint floor tiles and King Mode – an attack vs defence scenario in which teams must protect a VIB (a Very Important Bomber). Each of the ten modes can be played across 280 levels that can be customised down to the very last detail.

For those who don’t want to take part in online multiplayer mayhem, Blast Zone! Tournament also features a fully-loaded single-player campaign that stretches across 4 seasons of a hilarious reality-TV meets gameshow. Aptly named Challenge Mode, the single-player campaign comprises of 240 diverse and unique challenges with a wide variety of zoomorphic enemy robots, mind boggling puzzles, and insidious traps.

To keep players engaged and rewarded, Blast Zone! Tournament features a massive reward system enabling gamers to earn and unlock over 10 billion character customisation combinations. Players can earn amazing outfits, awe-inspiring hats, and hilarious emotes then mix them together to realise a totally unique personal style.

For competitive players, Blast Zone! Tournament will be optimised for esports play at launch.

Blast Zone! Tournament will launch as a premium priced digital download via PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store and Steam in late 2018 priced at $19.99.

Blast Zone! Tournament which is being developed by a couple of ex-Insomniac devs behind Victory Lap Games. The game is a feature packed, cross-platform love letter to the Bomberman franchise for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

The main highlights include:

  • Victory Lap Game's founders Chris and Mike worked on Resistance: Fall of Man and numerous games in the iconic Ratchet and Clank series.
  • 32-player cross-platform multiplayer (local, online, and combined)
  • Ten multiplayer modes
  • 280 multiplayer levels
  • 240 single-player challenges
  • Millions of character customisation combinations
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