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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Hellmut: The Badass from Hell dungeon crawler PC release

Gun-toting dungeon crawler, Hellmut: The Badass from Hell, is available now on GOG and Steam, with Xbox One, PS4 and Switch versions coming out soon. In Hellmut, players become a HellmutANT, roaming through randomly generated dungeons, equipped with powerful weapons, on a quest to perform the sweet demonocide on the swarming Demonspawn.

When things get heated, players rely on various Transformations granting special abilities that help counteract different demon foes. It’s time to end the demon domination and save humanity!

“We are proud to finally release Hellmut as our first game under Grindstone’s name. The Volcanicc team has brought their A-game in creating one badass dungeon crawler that, I’m sure, fans of the genre will love”, said Peter Nagy, CEO of Grindstone. “With Hellmut, players are in for a hardcore roguelike action like no other. The skill ceiling is high, but so is the reward, which is what makes the game so addictively fun!”

For the occasion, developers have released a new trailer, featuring Ghost Walker and Orc Fairy Transformations in action, slaughtering Demonspawn left to right with no remorse.

n Hellmut, all hell breaks loose as players unleash an infernal bullet-storm onto hordes of Demonspawn and savage bosses in a randomly generated environment, collecting their souls, coins and weapons, in order to wipe out the hideous demons from the face of the planet and save the human kind. In between fast-paced play sessions packed with action, players unlock permanent and temporary Transformations, allowing players to control such ludicrous monstrosities as the Rat King, the mighty spell-caster Orc Fairy, and many more, each countering different enemies with own brutal play style.


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