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Sunday, February 04, 2018

Free update coming to Super Mario Odyssey download this month - Switch

A free update is coming to Super Mario Odyssey! After downloading the update and beating the main story, a new online activity called Balloon World will be available.

By finding balloons other players have hidden, and hiding your own balloons in unexpected, hard-to-find places, you can move up in the rankings. The key to setting high scores is knowing every nook and cranny of a Kingdom’s terrain and leveraging that knowledge to quickly hide and find balloons. It’s like a new-form of objective-based speed-running!

The update will also include new outfits and new filters for Snapshot Mode.

Expand your Odyssey!

This free update is coming to Super Mario Odyssey, adding snazzy new outfits, brand new Snapshot Mode filters and even new ways to play in Balloon World!

NOTE: Broadband internet connection required. The registration and linkage of Nintendo Account and acceptance of the Nintendo Account Agreement and Privacy Policy are required.

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