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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Team-based Hero Shooter, Hero Hunters, Launches Worldwide February 1st

The highly anticipated release of Hero Hunters, Hothead Games’ new team-based third-person shooter game, is almost here. Launching worldwide on the App Store and Google Play on February 1st, Hero Hunters offers gameplay and legendary heroes unlike anything seen on mobile devices before.

For the first time ever, mobile gamers will be able to quickly and seamlessly switch from hero to hero at any point in the midst of the fast-paced action, allowing them at any time to play as whichever hero they want. Whether controlling the archer huntress Artemis, the cyber ninja Odachi, or the heavy weapons specialist Steele, gamers can switch between any of the five heroes they’ve chosen to take into battle in order to gain a strategic advantage over their enemy. Each hero offers their own unique skills, strengths and powerful special abilities that can quickly turn the tide of battle. You get to learn them all!

With over 40 heroes available at launch, Hero Hunters features the high fidelity graphics and intense shooting action that Hothead Games has become known for, along with inventive team-based gameplay that is unique to mobile gaming. The extensive campaign mission experience launches with 7 regions and hundreds of missions, but there is plenty more of this game to compete in. Also included will be a competitive real-time PVP Mode, a Co-op Boss Raid Mode with friends, Gauntlet Mode, Alliances, and challenging weekly events to keep you in the hunt.

Hothead Games introduced several of the notorious heroes today, including:
  • Artemis - Archer Huntress. - Skillful and able to lay down a barrage of arrows with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Heckler - Battle Automaton. - Robotic soldier from the old war, who deals consistent damage through his powerful rifle.
  • Odachi - Cyber Ninja - His energy katana will effortlessly cleave through enemy ranks unharmed.
  • Steele - Heavy Assault. - Out for vengeance, Steele can dish out brutal suppressive fire in fashionable style.
  • Butter - Frontline Shielder. - Sturdy defender with a powerful shield, who is great at drawing fire away from his allies and team.
  • Ryker - Combat Marine. - Strong all around attacker, sturdy and reliable. Missile barrage special attack deals huge damage to large groups.
  • Cross - Bounty Hunter. - A crossbow wielding lunatic that deals deadly poison attacks. Do you want him on your side?
  • Keel - Field Architect. - A resourceful engineer that demolishes enemy cover and protects allies.
  • Bolt - Adaptable Assassin - This cybernetic marksman will hunt you down with explosive bolts and deadly accuracy.

Players can pre-register to be among the first to play Hero Hunters and earn exclusive launch rewards such as gold and a limited-edition hero at:

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