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Friday, January 12, 2018

Sairento VR Delayed Until February 6

The exit from Sairento VR  Early Access has been delayed until February 6, 2018 and with it the Campaign Mode for the following reasons.
  • They want to improve the game even more
  • There are still some bugs left to catch
  • They want to make the AI smarter

They could bring the game out of EA with the faults or they could give it a little bit more time and give you a much better game.

This also impacts our launch on Oculus Home which may come a little later as we need to spend more time testing the game on the platform.

More good news.
On the 19th - the original date slated to come out of EA - they will be pushing out an update which would hopefully compensate some for the delay in the launch.

The update includes a plethora of things that many of you guys have been asking for:

- Tons of bug fixes
- More level variety
- More recording options
- More improvements to stealth AI
- Mirroring a third-person view to the screen
- Better calibration process
- Improved Touch control integration and support (you can now toggle sticky grip and grip to hold)

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