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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Game Update Version 2.0 - Fight your Way to The Golden Circle Finale

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Game, the phenomenal action Puzzle RPG, a collaboration between NHN Pixelcube, MARV Films, and FoxNext Games, has now entered Version 2.0

With dozens of new Outfits to collect, new Skills to use against the Kingsman’s greatest threats, and a new Friend System to help you find and connect with other Kingsman cadets, now is the best time to join the ranks of these stellar agents!
This major update for Kingsman: The Golden Circle Game is bringing fantastic new skills to help Kingsman fans relive the kick-ass action of the first and second films! With the release of Chapter 12 – “Poppy Knows Best”, players can fight their way through the nostalgic bowling alley and past the killer robot guard dogs to finally confront the queen bee mastermind of The Golden Circle, Poppy Adams, herself in her famous meat-grinder diner!

A new Friend System has been added to the game, so you can find new players to connect with, support with Outfit Cards, or just chat with in the Guilds. Players will also be able to invite their friends to private 2v2 PVP matches to test their best agents against other cadets from around the world. This update also increases the total Character Promotion Level to SR Rank Level 10 and the maximum Gear Rank is now 6 Stars. New Story Text and Character Dialogue has also been added to the game to enhance the overall gaming experience.

Celebrate the Version 2.0 Update with a new 7-Day Consecutive Login Event to kickstart your exploration of all of the new game features. A new Mission Event, found in the Events tab in the main hub will help direct new players around the game, so they can experience all that the game has to offer. Complete these Missions in 7 days for an even greater reward!

New Game Update:

  • Special Daily Combat Missions – Put your agents to the test in this challenging Daily Event to receive the items you need to take down any global threat.
  • Chapter 12 - Poppy Knows Best – Confront Poppy in her Golden Circle headquarters and put a stop to the plots of this worldwide drug cartel with scenery and action seen in the latest film.
  • Friend System – Find and join your friends in a Guild to prepare for the Version 2.0 update. Invite them to a quick 2v2 match to show off your newly improved Kingsman and Statesman Characters!
  • 12 New Outfits Added – New Outfits to collect for Eggsy, Harry, Tequila, Whiskey, and all of the other Kingsman and Statesman Characters. Now a new Outfit Bonus applies to your Character Stats when you collect more of these powerful Outfits.

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