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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Beholder Complete Edition with Dear Esther released on XOne

Beholder Complete Edition Launches on Xbox One Today, Packaged With Dear Esther.

Beholder Complete Edition is now available on the Xbox One console! The State demands that you take on the role of Carl to monitor its loyal citizens and make sure dissent remains but a word in the dictionary. As expected in the vocation of landlord, root out all traces of rebel infection to protect the country from the evil claws of insurrection. With procedurally generated scenarios and over 20 different endings to uncover, Carl can choose to protect his family through secret machinations or selfless sacrifice. One thing is for certain: No one is safe and they are watching....

The Beholder Complete Edition contains the base game + Blissful Sleep DLC that uncovers the events leading to Carl's new placement as landlord! Also included with this release is Dear Esther Landmark Edition, which will be available until the 2nd of February in a combo of jarring, visceral emotion.

Beholder launches today on Xbox One for $14.99 USD/£11.99/€14.99 .

  • LIVE in a grim future where privacy is dead, and a totalitarian government owns every aspect of your life.
  • SERVE the State that has given you a status-bumping opportunity as the landlord of an apartment complex.
  • SPY on tenants using an arsenal of peeping, and eavesdropping techniques.
  • REPORT on ideological subversion, or keep these secrets to yourself as blackmail material!
  • USE authority to follow the law or CHOOSE to pursue your personal interests. Play as a loyal citizen, rebel freedom fighter, a corrupt crook out for personal gain.

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