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Thursday, January 18, 2018

15 Months of PlayStation Plus with 12 Month Membership - Including Current Members

Only Available on PlayStation Store UK. All players including current PlayStation Plus members can enjoy 15 months of the service for the price of a 12 month membership £49.99.

The offer is available only on PlayStation Store from 10am GMT from Wednesday, 17th January to 10am GMT on Wednesday, 24th January.

PlayStation Plus boasts more than 31.5 million paid members around the world who can enjoy exclusive features and benefits including PlayStation 4 online multiplayer, two PS4 games each month, exclusive PlayStation Store discounts, 10GB of online storage for game saves, and bonus games such as PlayStation VR - PS VR title StarBlood Arena as well as PlayLink social party game That's You!

Electrify your PS4 for less - Get three extra months of online multiplayer, monthly games, exclusive discounts and more when you buy 12 months of PS Plus – whether you’re a new member or stacking more time to an existing subscription.

14 day free trial - Get started with a free 14 day trial of PS Plus – play online, try the monthly games and everything else a full member enjoys, for no cost.

Monthly games - Never run out of games to play – as a PS Plus member you’ll get two PS4 games to download every month.

Play it first with PS Plus - Sleeper hits like Rocket League, Disc Jam and That's You! debuted to PS Plus members first as part of their monthly games.

Catch up on games you missed - Fill in the gaps of your game collection and discover a world of games you may never have tried with triple-A titles, quirky independents and PlayStation exclusives.

Exclusive deals & discounts - The biggest and best deals are reserved exclusively for PS Plus members at PlayStation Store, where you’ll find additional savings on top of discounted products and sale prices.

PlayStation Plus hub - Access the PS Plus members area direct from your PS4 home screen and you’ll find everything you need to make the most of your membership.

Find out about your monthly games, see the hottest member discounts, enter competitions, see what the PlayStation community are up to and get all the latest PS Plus news, right where you want it.

10GB cloud storage - Save your PS4 game progress to the cloud, so your adventures are ready to pick up where you left off, wherever you sign-in – whether that’s a friend’s console, or a second PS4 or PS4 Pro in your home.

January 2018 games on PS Plus

Batman: The Telltale Series - Experience Gotham like never before in a story-driven, episodic adventure from the award-winning studio behind The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones video game series.
Explore a living, breathing comic-book world as both Gotham’s most illustrious first son, Bruce Wayne and his vengeful, crime-fighting alter-ego, Batman. Personal morals and a careful eye for clues will drive your decisions and the eventual outcome of the story – so choose wisely.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Adam Jensen returns in the latest instalment of the acclaimed Deus Ex series, to a futuristic world still reeling from the Aug Incident - the day when mechanically augmented citizens were suddenly stripped of control of their own minds and bodies
Mechanically modified humans are now deemed outcasts and segregated from the rest of society. Crime is rife. Acts of terror are commonplace. Yet they serve to cast a thin veil over a much larger conspiracy, one aimed at controlling the very future of mankind.


Starblood Arena - Test your mettle in a lawless competition where only the most skilled pilots earn their shot at intergalactic glory, as Starblood Arena joins PS Plus as a special bonus game from 2nd January.
Choose from nine distinct ships with their own unique pilot, playstyle and loadout, and take part in single player battles, team deathmatches for up to four players, or Invaders co-op mode – all in breath-taking virtual reality.

That’s You! - Have you played That’s You! yet? It’s the hilarious PlayLink party game that’s taken the PS4 world by storm – and it’s yours to download as a special bonus until 6th February.
Using your smartphone or tablet as a controller, take selfies or snap your friends, doodle on the pics, send them to your TV screen and answer questions that’ll crack you up – all for no extra cost with PS Plus.

Team vs Team tournaments - Join or create teams of up to 100 fellow PS Plus players and take on the world in ESL team tournaments on PS4.
Check the Events calendar on your PS4 home screen to see what’s coming up, register your team and show off your results as you compete to become an all-conquering crew.

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