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Thursday, November 09, 2017

City Under Siege arrives in SEGA Forever

It is time to unlock special super weapons and leverage on the most sophisticated tactics ... because you really need it!

ESWAT: City Under Siege, the side scrolling platformer set in a fantastical and dystopian world, is part of the SEGA Forever collection, a collection of classic titles of SEGA in continuous updating, which takes titles from different epochs of consoles and transforms them into games free-to-play (with advertisements) for mobile devices. All SEGA Forever collection games are available for free download on the App Store for iPhone and iPad or Google Play for Android devices. Players who want to enjoy non-commercial experience can free it through an in-app purchase for $2.29.

ESWAT: City Under Siege is a game set in a near future dystopia and was first released for SEGA Mega Drive in 1990, and is based on Cyber ​​Police ESWAT, a title released in the games room in 1989. Players Fight in Clothes of Duke Oda and they will have to use the iron fist on the streets of Liberty City to bring the order back to a metropolis that is succumbing to a wave of crime sustained by EYE, a wicked non-scrupulous corporation. By progressing through the levels and defeating the various bosses, the player can acquire new defensive powers and gain access to more and more powerful weapons to complete his mission. Like other games in the SEGA Forever collection, ESWAT can count on additional features such as online rankings,

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