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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Power-Up Digital Games Conference eleven new special guests added

36 Special Guest speakers that will be speaking at the incredibly free PDGC event, held October 25th to 28th on the chat app Discord.

  1. Jen MacLean (Executive Director, IGDA and IGDA Foundation)
  2. Paul Jenkins (President, META Studios)
  3. Mike Prasad (Founder/CEO, TinySponsor)
  4. Tara Lynn (Gaming and Disabilities Community Lead, Xbox)
  5. Jason Canam (Director, Household Games Inc.)
  6. Ian Hamilton (Accessibility Specialist)
  7. Daniel Doan (Co-Founder & CGO, Black Shell Media)
  8. Gabriel Orlandelli (Lead Designer, Major Games; Senior Product Marketing Analyst, Hoplon)
  9. Jimmy Chen (CEO, PlayTable)
  10. MK Ives (Partner Manager, Mixer)
  11. Jess Brummer (Producer, Burnout Game Studios)
That’s a ton of content that we’re letting people be a part of for free. Additionally, four panels total will be involved during this PDGC, each with a separate focus on different parts of the game industry. Check them out below!

Design Your World

  • Panel Date: Wednesday 10/25/17
  • Panel Time: 02:30 PM to 04:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (UTC - 5)
  • Beautiful creations are discussed by game industry developers, both new and old to paint the scenery of how design has evolved and stayed the same over the years.

Marketing For Indies: Be More Public

  • Panel Date: Wednesday 10/25/17
  • Panel Time: 11:30 PM to 12:30 AM Eastern Standard Time (UTC - 5)
  • Marketing Gurus join for a panel for the masses, focusing on do’s and don'ts for indie developers to focus on in their quest to make a successful game.

Spotlight on Indie: Epic Tavern Post-Launch Panel

  • Panel Date: Thursday 10/26/17
  • Panel Time: 04:00 PM to 05:30 PM Eastern Standard Time (UTC - 5)
  • Hyperkinetic Studios is going to talk very frank about their development of the newly released in Early Access game: Epic Tavern.

We Work in Accessibility for Gamers with Disabilities. Ask Us Anything!

  • Panel Date: Friday 10/27/17
  • Panel Time: 03:00 PM to 04:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (UTC - 5)
  • Accessibility is often overlooked by game developers. Several key additions could help adjust for a whole new demographic you haven’t paid attention to. These folks will answer your questions about it!

What is the PDGC?
The PDGC has always been a free event meant to help educate and inspire developers, aspiring game industry newbies, or just anyone that is willing to listen to people that have a ton of experience. The best part about the conference is that it’s digital, meaning there’s no need for travel, hotels, or even to leave the house. Discord allows people to join from all edges of the world using PC, Mac, mobile, or even just on the website.

“I’ve always said that this is an event that you can participate in and be a part of while wearing your pajamas,” said Jesse Collins, founder and host of the biannual PDGC, “The fact that you can enjoy this anywhere, at no cost, is part of the Conference’s DNA. I’m here to help the game dev community and this is my way of giving back.”

The previous two Conferences were themed Words of Wisdom and The Devs Strike Back, respectively. Each had their own set of special guests and events. All of it was produced with nothing more than passion, zero budget, a minimal volunteer staff, and partnerships to help boost the signal to the masses.

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