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Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Jon Hare’s Sociable Soccer coming to PC PS4 XOne starting on October 12th 2017

Jon Hare is back with his fast-paced, arcade take on the beautiful game, Sociable Soccer.

Sociable Soccer game is almost ready to launch in Steam Early Access on October 12th with console releases to follow next year. Get ready to experience Sociable Soccer in all of its pinpoint, tactical glory.

Hare earned his ‘Godfather of football games’ moniker from designing two of the biggest football franchises of the 20th century in Microprose Soccer and the genre defining Sensible World of Soccer, one of the 10 most influential video games of all time according to Stanford University.

Faithful to his sports game pedigree Sociable Soccer features over 1,000 club and national teams from around the World, with 67 international football trophies to compete for and lighter friendly game modes including trademark custom teams. Beneath its sleek visual presentation lies a game of significant complexity with pinpoint controls and tactical depth.

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