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Monday, September 18, 2017

Syntax Error - Power Up games conference line up

Just like the previous two PDGC events, the third one comes with a subtitle/theme to its ideology. PDGC: Syntax Error brings focus to problems that need solutions.

The entire point of the online conference has always been to help indie and game developers learn from those in the know. Old masters and those new to the industry alike come together to give their advice and wisdom. The thought process is there are a lot of issues, problems, and errors in games, but there are just as many solutions to solve them.

25 special guest speakers have already joined the Conference to talk (presented in alphabetical order below), ranging from game developers, journalists, and legendary masters of the game industry. More speakers will be announced as the event nears.

  • Billy Joe Cain (Founder/President, Radical Empathy Education Foundation)
  • Blair and Jean Leggett (CTO and CEO, One More Story Games)
  • Chris Pusczak (CEO, SymbioVR)
  • Dave Vogt (CEO, The Ludicrous Ones)
  • David Baity (CTO, Crimson Leaf, LLC)
  • Deniz Opal (CTO, Hologram LTD)
  • Elizabeth Olson (Principal, Strategic Marketing, PR & BizDev Consulting)
  • Gregory MacMartin (CEO, Interdimensional Games)
  • Heidi McDonald (Creative Director & Head Troublemaker, iThrive)
  • Japheth Dillman (CEO, CLEVR; CCO, YetiZen; VP of Content, PlayTable)
  • Joerg Droege (Founder & Writer, Scene World Magazine)
  • Justin Klinchuch (Independent Designer, Defend The Cake)
  • Kate Edwards (Board of Directors member, Take This)
  • Laurent Mercure (Communications Officer, Chainsawesome Games)
  • Mark Soderwall (Founder, Indie Game University)
  • Matt Scibilia (Executive Producer, Gameshastra)
  • Mike Jaret-Schachter (VP of Business Development, Running With Scissors)
  • Nolan Clemmons (Founder,; CMO, The Knights of Unity)
  • Rebecca Heineman (President, Olde Skuul)
  • Renee Gittins (Creative Director / CEO, Stumbling Cat)
  • Richie Bisso (President, Hyperkinetic Studios)
  • Rupert Meghnot (CXO, Burnout Game Ventures)
  • Russ Pitts (Board Chairman & Executive Director, Take This)
  • Sherif Botros (CEO, Autonomicity Games Inc.)
  • Yulia Vakrusheva (Director of Public Relations, tinyBuild)

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