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Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Play the Latest Build of Raiders of the Broken Planet

Featuring outlandish characters with incredible abilities, Raiders of the Broken Planet is a crazy mix of cover-based shooting, close-quarters brawling and tactical teamwork.

Offering players a single or 4-player co-op campaign with multiple missions and objectives, Raiders of the Broken Planet innovates in its use of the Antagonist system. Players can choose to switch sides and become the Antagonist, competing against a 4-person Raider team. Antagonists have the AI on their side along with the skills of the character they choose. It all adds up to make for entertaining and impossible to predict matches where the tides can turn in an instant!

MercurySteam will be showing off its “#4dividedby1” asymmetric online shooter Raiders of the Broken Planet at EGX 2017. Producer Dave Cox, will be on hand for interviews to talk about the game and all the other exciting things happening at the studio. We will be offering hands-on demos of the game at our booth, including never before seen content from the first premium campaign, Alien Myths. We will also be showcasing the multiplayer, including co-op and the incredible 4 v 1 Antagonist gameplay.

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