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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Final Fantasy Card Game US Champion announced - 4 head to Japan

Final Fantasy Card Game’s first ever North American Champion. SQUARE ENIX congratulates Joseph Leszczyski from Milwaukee, WI, the winner of the inaugural FINAL FANTASY Trading Card Game (“FFTCG”) Opus Series North American Championship tournament 2017.

Leszczyski and FINAL FANTASY Trading Card Game Producer, Taro Kageyama.
Leszczyski and the rest of the Top 4 finalists are invited to participate in the World Championship Finals in Japan this November.

FFTCG North American Championship Tournament 2017 Top 4 Winners

  • Champion: Joseph Leszczyski
  • Finalist: Nathan Perez
  • Semi-Finalist: Arvin Bernardo
  • Semi-Finalist: Devin Welzbacher

You can watch a recording of our featured matches at

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