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Friday, August 04, 2017

New Battleground Arena for Heavy Metal Machines - The Temple of Sacrifice

Brand new arena The Temple of Sacrifice is now available in their unique free-to-play car-combat MOBA, Heavy Metal Machines, currently playable for free on Steam.

In the new The Temple of Sacrifice arena teams start side-by-side as they look to take the bomb and deliver it in the opposite direction through more visible paths with now more obvious shortcuts, having removed physical blockers from the circuit – making it simpler for new players.

Other features include the ability to push enemies into the crusher to eliminate them, as well as system enhancements including a cleaner menu, implementation of a kill feed that shows the last kills in the top-right of the screen, and general gameplay balancing.

The Temple of Sacrifice in Heavy Metal Machines was a holy sanctuary where humankind used to pay tribute to the dark creatures that lurked underground to keep the peace. After the apocalypse and the rise of Metal City, the Temple was found by Metal Herald and became a new battleground for Heavy Metal Machines players. With a "T" shaped arena, the new area allows players to "sacrifice" their enemies for the greater good hence its name, Temple of Sacrifice.

Furthermore, Hoplon’s first venture into the esports scene, the ESL Play Heavy Metal Machines Esports European Championship final took place over the weekend. With a combined prize pool of over €10,000, Kvasdopil from Russia was crowned champion and took home €4,000. Players won’t need to wait for the next Heavy Metal Machines championships for a chance to be rewarded as Hoplon are awarding players monthly based on their leaderboard performance.

Lucas Corte, Game Designer at Hoplon said, “With the new implementation of The Temple of Sacrifice arena, we further expand Heavy Metal Machines to make it more competitive as well as ruthless by giving players the opportunity to eliminate opposing players. After a successful ESL Esports European Championship, the new arena, improvements to gameplay and adding extra monthly prizes will ensure to make the next championships even more competitive.”

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