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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Life is Feudal: MMO - Closed Beta Test 5 Launches with Reworked Battle System

As the final stretch of development for Life is Feudal: MMO approaches, developer Bitbox is launching one last Closed Beta Test.

Closed Beta number 5 offers players a chance to not only explore the game, but experience an immersive medieval world unlike any other - one free of high-fantasy, and focused on players working together to create functional feudal societies.

Closed Beta number 5 introduces an overhauled Battle System where guilds can settle rivalries in often brutal and bloody combat. Guilds will need to issue a direct challenge to one another, and then face off, winning only by either eliminating all the opposing forces, or taking and holding "the hill." To the victor go the spoils - with the winning side keeping all the equipment the enemy team has left on the battlefield after their ignominious defeat. The Battle System update also introduces new battle formations and commands, for more realistic inter-guild warfare!

This new video focuses on the power of the Guild, and the value of teaming up with other players to form Guilds, as there's safety in numbers!

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