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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Train your brain while creating modern art with Splashy Dots - iOS Android

Imagine yourself in a cozy art gallery, with the sounds of a live jazz act in the background, brush in your hand and a canvas in front of you. You're all set. Create beautiful splatter art paintings while solving Splashy Dots puzzle! This is so easy - swipe your finger (or a brush!) correctly so that all the streaks form a smooth and artsy way to the very final dot.

  • Thousands of brain-teasing puzzles
  • Easy to learn rules with surprising complexity as levels get harder
  • Splashy and juicy graphics with lots of colorful themes
  • Each level ends up as a painting for you to collect
  • Chillout Jazz music playing in the background
  • Procedurally generated tunes different in every level
  • Intuitive controls, you can play the game anywhere
  • Full undo support so you can experiment freely with multiple paths
  • Hints to help you when you get really stuck
  • Progress is saved in the cloud so you can play on multiple devices at once
  • Haptic feedback (iOS) - feel the splashes in your hand
  • Force Touch (iOS) - press the screen slightly to highlight available moves
  • iMessage multiplayer app (iOS) - challenge your friends

Release date:
iOS: 12.07.2017, Android: 19.07.2017

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