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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Survival Game Displaced released - Help a Group of Survivors Escape a War-Torn Country Scavenging for Supplies, Completing Quests and Participating in Card-Style Battles

Single-player survival game, Displaced, is available now on Steam for $5.99/€5.99/£4.79. The 20% launch discount is available for the first week.

In Displaced players guide a party of civilians out of a war-stricken country by managing the group’s physical and psychological state, completing various quests and carrying out card-style battles with other survivors. The story progresses through dialogs and changes according to how a player answers questions, uncovering the heartbreaking reality of war refugees.
Drawn-out conflicts between separatists and the government have left the country in complete disarray with devastated surroundings, chaos everywhere and civilians going rogue, forming gangs in order to survive. Caught in the midst of a war that has disrupted their whole world, a group of survivors sets out on a mission to escape the collapsing country. With just regular folk, without any special training or military experience, the group is thrown into the merciless wasteland where every encounter with other survivors could put their lives at stake.

In Displaced players start out by selecting five characters to form a team of survivors, shown as a token on the map of the country. In order to lead the team out of the war-zone successfully, players need to manage the group’s hunger, energy and stress levels, scavenge for supplies, complete various quests and battle it out with aggressive survivors.

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