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Friday, June 09, 2017

Dead Effect 2 VR released - PC VR

Dead Effect 2 VR, a standalone VR version of its acclaimed first-person shooter Dead Effect 2 is now available on Steam Early access for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The game has been recreated from the ground-up with VR-optimized controls, weapon dual-wielding and improved weapon models for a truly terrifying VR horror experience.

Designed to scare the living bejeezus out of players, Dead Effect 2 VR is set aboard a colony spaceship where things have gone disastrously wrong. Players awake from cryostasis to discover that a virus has broken out on the ship. All their crewmates have been turned into flesh-eating creatures who roam the corridors looking for their next meal. Determined to open up a can of whoop-ass on the zombie hordes, the player’s mission is simple - seize control of the monster-infested ship, uncover its dark secrets and make it out in one piece.

Before setting out, players have a choice of playing as one of three characters, each with their own unique skill sets and weapons. Gunnar Davis specialises in heavy weaponry and explosives, Jane Frey is prolific with short-ranged weaponry, and Kay Rayner is a melee specialist, packing razor-sharp blades to slice and dice her enemies. Each character can be further customised with various armor parts and implants from dozens of different sets and passive skills.

Dead Effect 2 VR’s armoury is packed with tons of upgradeable weapons including flamethrowers, shotguns, samurai swords, machine guns, grenades and mines. The Early Access version has over a dozen weapons with more to follow in future updates. And if an arsenal of the latest hi-tech death-dealing weapons isn’t enough, players can also upgrade their character and gain access to powerful abilities. These include bullet-time that allows players to temporarily slow down time as well as the force field power that cloaks players in a protective field when opposition numbers become that little bit too heavy.

Dead Effect 2 VR will launch with 10 hours of single-player campaign content. For those who are looking for more combat and loot, there are four additional game modes - Biohazard, Survival, Lone Wolf and Infestation. Future updates will add 10 hours to the campaign mode, an even bigger arsenal and the ability to play cooperatively – or battle online in 8-player PvP battles set aboard different sections of the ship. Match types will include team-based or free-for-all Deathmatch game modes.

Dead Effect 2 VR is available on Steam Early Access for £14.99/ €19.99/ $19.99 at:

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