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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

11-year-old UK schoolgirl is voice of Delia in Fallen Angels video game

The voice of Fallen Angels main character Delia is played by Olivia Stone an 11-year-old schoolgirl from South Tynecastle in the UK.

Olivia Stone Picture: F Reid.
Olivia won the part after her dad, who plays Tom Wisely in the Fallen Angels game. The crime action game set in 1938 will be released soon in the US features mob action. War between rival gangs has broken out with each trying to gain control of the city.

Olivia will star along side other voice actors from the Walking Dead (0wen Thomas) Paul Eiding from the Transformers cartoon series and many more.

About the game Fallen Angels

Step into the shoes of private detective Michael Thane as he sets off on the biggest investigation of his life. The year is 1938. A mob war has consumed Umburgh, whose citizens live in constant fear as the warring crime syndicates vie for control of the city. Amid the chaos, a mysterious masked killer, known only as Whitman, has returned to the city after a ten year absence. Take a step into the 1930s, an era filled with gangsters and dames. Explore the frozen streets of Umburgh, where violence is just a fact of life and every back alley is the site of another macabre crime. The city's sprawling streets offer a multitude of paths and solutions as you take the fight to the remorseless crime syndicates that haunt its shadows.

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