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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

PlayStation Vita hack solves expensive memory card issue - PSV

The PlayStation Vita ridiculously over-priced storage is a big negative for the handheld console. The standard OS Vita required a specifically designed card, ranging from 4GB to 64GB (the newer slim models have a built-in 1GB memory).

Not only are they expensive the special memory cards are still hard to get hold of, even though the PlayStation Vita is now 5-years-old. A 64GB card should hold all your gaming requirements, but it's difficult to find, and buy one, one for under £100 (€115).

PlayStation Vita hacker, Yifan Lu has devised an adapter that replaces the 3G modem (the original OLED screen models had built-in 3G, allowing Vita users to go online wherever, whenever), allowing gamers to use a MicroSD card instead of Sony’s own range of cards.

The adapter only works on hacked 3G-capable PS Vita consoles running HENkaku. That's the ones running on firmware 3.60. Installing the adapter also requires users to take apart their PlayStation Vita and replace the modem manually. Although Lu is confident the adapter will work, it’s still in its prototype phase.

For updates and to join the project visit his page here

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