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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Meet the Cast of Renowned Explorers: The Emperor’s Challenge

With less than a week left until the launch of The Emperor’s Challenge, the team at Abbey Games is ready to unveil more info about the new characters in this latest expansion to Renowned Explorers. This strategy-role playing game will have you exploring the far corners of a fictitious 19th-century world in procedurally generated expeditions to Egypt, the Caribbean, East Asia, and much more. Renowned Explorers has been enjoyed by more than 200,000 players worldwide, and sure to be your next indie favorite!

The International Society, those globe-trotting adventurers, have sanctioned the release of personal information for their newest members. Let’s let the Society introduce them:

Hojo Fumiaki

  • An extraordinary explorer from Kyoto; Hojo is a stern man with an anger management problem. Determined to redirect this energy into worthwhile endeavors, he's taken up his broom to help out The Society! Hojo prefers to be called by his family name.
  • Hojo is a defensive scout with strong attack if used right; he works well at switching and controlling the mood. Hojo does great in Friendly or Aggressive crews.

Suh Min-Jeong

  • The talented daughter of a distinguished bureaucrat, she is quite good at making a scene. She wants to learn more about other cultures through exploring.
  • Min-Jeong is a glass cannon scientist with low defenses but high attack. She is great at dealing with large groups, especially with the Excited or Saddened emotion. She does great in Friendly or Devious crews.

Phailin Boonyasak

  • This exotic dancer from Bangkok somehow managed to get into The Society, her background is unknown. That can't be right...
  • Phailin is a supportive speaker with low defenses but surprisingly high attack power. She does a great job supporting the crew, but can also hit with some mean sneak attacks. She works well in Friendly or Aggressive crews.

Wang Yu

  • One word: Trouble. Straight out of the bustling slums of Shanghai, he is loud and arrogant, but also inventive and strong-willed. Joined the explorers for an unknown, dark reason.
  • Yu is a ranged fighter with decent defenses and remarkable tactics. He is very adept at disrupting enemies and setting them up for disaster. Yu does great in Aggressive or Devious crews.
About the Expansion:
Renowned Explorers: The Emperor's Challenge is the second premium expansion pack for "adventurer manager" Renowned Explorers. The expansion opens up East Asia, with first-time additions to the character roster; a new expedition in Indonesia; and a whole new game mode in which you compete directly against Rivaleux to fulfill the desires of Chinese Emperor Guāngxù.

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