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Thursday, April 27, 2017

MnM Gaming to Bootcamp in Leicester Gaming House Prior to League of Legends EU Challenger Series Qualifiers

Following the team’s win in the ESL UK Premiership Spring Series final, MnM Gaming has qualified for the League of Legends EU Challenger Series Qualifiers. Five other teams who have won their respective ESL national league will compete against MnM Gaming along with four teams to qualify through open qualifiers and Team Kinguin and Millenium who were relegated from the EUCS Spring Season.

With stiff competition ahead and a potential place in the EUCS summer series, the month long boot camp is an opportunity for the team to spend valuable time together and train as many of their professional counterparts will do prior to the tournament.

The team will eat, sleep and train in the house for the majority of May and will have the added support of their neighbours, the ESL UK team, who are also based in Leicester.

Kalvin Chung, founder of MnM Gaming commented, “We’ve waited a long time for this day to come for MnM and UK Esports. We started MnM with nothing but passion and we’re honoured to have the chance to be represented in the Challenger Series Qualifiers. We couldn’t have done this without the help of our sponsors, in particular StormForce and of course ESL UK. We want to do this right as a UK club with UK players, qualifying from a UK event.”

“We see this move by MnM Gaming as huge positive step for the continued growth of UK esports,” added James Dean, managing director of ESL UK. “The ESL Premiership is the longest running UK national league and presents a genuine opportunity for pro-amateur teams to start their journey to professional esports. By winning the ESL spring series and earning a qualifier spot in Riot's Challenger Series, MnM Gaming has the opportunity to write the next chapter in its history and ESL are proud to be part of their exciting journey ahead.”

The MnM Gaming team confirmed to attend the bootcamp is:
Top Lane - Ashley “Teimpo” Mayes
Jungler - Alex “Candyfloss” Cartwright
Mid Lane - Emil “Larssen” Larssen
ADC - Ludde “LuddehZ” Johansson
Support - Mantas “Hadow” Sukevicius
Coach - Will “FrozenDawn” Burgess
Manager - Daniel Chung

For more information on the ESL UK Premiership visit

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