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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Easy way to complete Trial of Thunder in Zelda: Breath of the Wild (use only a few arrows!) NO Stasis NO broken weapons - Nintendo Switch

Trying to get those pesky orbs onto the main island in The Trial of Thunder in Zelda: Call of the Wild?

Broken plenty of weapons trying to blast the orb?

Lightning keeps striking your weapons?

Here's an easy way to complete the task with only arrows and your, unlimited bombs!

First check out my tip on how to tell which bows you can carry during lightning storms - here on gamezplay.

Using a bow that is safe during lightning, or use one that isn't quickly, fire an arrow at any orb balanced on top of the stone tower to knock it to the ground. You can't climb the stone towers during rain! If you get on top of the tower and use Stasis you may waste a lot of weapons, well you don't have to with this guide.

Once the orbs are on the ground carry them to the lowest broken side with the broken grass panels. You'll notice that the panels form and indent you can place items into.

Now collect a barrel or stone from the grass patch just round from your location.

Take the barrel back and place it to the right of the corner section, this is to stop the round bomb from blowing away in the wind. Then place the round bomb next in the space between the barrel and the corner. You do know you can place two bombs! switch to the square bomb and place this on top.

Now place the orb on top of the bombs... move to a safe distance and explode. The resulting explosion will fire the orb onto the island. Just place it in the correct colour panel.

Do the same with the other orb that's off the island. Use your bow to knock the orbs from the towers on the island and once you have them all the shrine will appear.

Only arrow have been used NO Stasis rune and it works.

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