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Friday, March 03, 2017

Why the Bolivian government hate Ghost Recon Wildlands as they make an official complaint

The Bolivian government have made an official complaint to Ubisoft about Ghost Recon Wildlands due to the way their country is depicted as a drug fuelled narco-state.

Bolivian interior minister Carlos Romero in La Paz complained to Ubisoft and threatened legal action over the portrayal of Bolivia as "as area controlled by drug traffickers."

"We have the standing to do it," Romero said, "but at first we prefer to go the route of diplomatic negotiation."

They may be on plumbs as Bolivia is the world's third largest producer of coca leaves used to produce Cocaine.

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Ghost Recon Wildlands, the story of a fictional drug cartel, Santa Blanca, that turns Bolivia into a narco-state. Ubisoft reacted by saying it choose Bolivia for it's magnificent landscapes and rich culture and hope this comes across in the game. They also produced a real life documentary called Wildlands. It investigates the impact of real drug trade in Bolivia and South America as a whole.

Ubisoft's UK boss Mark Slaughter says "The Wildlands documentary deals with a very serious subject matter" "The game and the documentary are, essentially two very separate products,"

Ghost Recon Wildlands launches on March 7th 2017.

The download beta is Ubisoft's most successful beta every with over 6.8 million downloads.

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