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Friday, March 17, 2017

Restore Life to a Post-Apocalyptic World in Symphony of the Machine on April 11 coming to PSVR and HTC Vive

Symphony of the Machine opens in a sweltering desert with a lone tower standing in the horizon. After the player explores and reaches the foot of the structure, an adorable robot sidekick grants powerful tools allowing them to manipulate a beam of light within the tower. Bending, splitting, filtering and directing this beam to glyphs in the tower alters the atmosphere.

Despite the surrounding devastation, potted seedlings can sprout to life by commanding warming sunlight, drenching storms and chilling air down to the barren land.

The mysteries of the tower and destroyed world are revealed through glyphs painted across the walls of caves. Discover the secrets to how a once fruitful and lush ecosystem was destroyed and transformed into a desolate wasteland.

Soothing music pairs with an absence of narration and text to let the player fully engross themselves in the world as they complete puzzles and contemplate an overarching mystery.

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