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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Ironward Unveils Solstice Chronicles: MIA's Survival Mode and Improved Survival Mode Stretch Goal

As the game's Fig crowdfunding campaign hits 94% of its initial funding goal, the developers at Ironward have unveiled a much-anticipated feature: Survival Mode. This mode is essentially the twin-stick-shooter equivalent of The Red Solstice, the team's previous game set in the same universe, where you'll fight off waves of oncoming enemies as you try to scavenge your surroundings for supplies.

Improved Survival Mode--which will be implemented if the campaign hits the $60k stretch goal--adds random missions, new resource drops, building fortification, more survival maps, and special objects.

Read all about Survival Mode, Improved Survival Mode, and back the campaign at:

Coming to PC and PlayStation 4 later this year, Solstice Chronicles: MIA is a sci-fi, twin-stick shooter with a tactical edge. In addition to customizable skill-trees and upgradeable weaponry, players must use the drone's abilities wisely, making fight-or-flight decisions to manipulate threat levels and balance risk versus reward.

Using 'Scout', for example, will send the drone out for supplies, but make the fight more difficult, while 'Taunt' causes the drone to lure in larger waves of weaker enemies. 'Bomb' will decimate your enemies, but the next wave will push even harder. And, while 'Block' may give you some breathing room, it also has a nasty habit of attracting bosses to the fight.

Will your choices lead you to freedom... or your doom?

Solstice Chronicles: MIA features include:
- Tactical, twin-stick shooter including two-player couch co-op.
- Story-based, 18 mission campaign branching from the events of The Red Solstice.
- Survival mode in which you decide when to EVAC, and when to push for bigger rewards.
- Customize skill-trees of four classes - Assault, Demolition, Hellfire, and Terminator.
- Upgradeable weaponry including shotguns, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, and more.
- Use your drone's abilities to aid in combat, manage threat levels, and scavenge supplies.

Fig backers will have the opportunity to claim a variety of rewards including Alpha access, unique skins, digital artwork, free copies of The Red Solstice, and even the opportunity to design a boss for Survival mode.

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