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Friday, March 31, 2017

Heavy Metal Machines - Clunker Bros and Metal Herald info trailers update

Plus: Enhancements to Leaderboards and New Language Localisation Announced.

Heavy Metal Machines, has released two new trailers to celebrate the implementation of new character updates in open beta today, consisting of new vehicle skins, updates to the leaderboard system, and localisation support for three new languages.

New Car Designs

Two of Heavy Metal Machine’s most notorious competitors will be receiving a visual revamp through the introduction of new 3D models and vehicle paintjobs. Both the Clunker brothers and the Metal Herald have had a visual upgrade, bringing to life their character with exciting and dynamic new looks.


This update will also see the unveiling of the game’s leaderboard system. At the beginning of every month players will now be ranked based on their stats over Seasons, which will be broken up into shorter phases and then refreshed to zero for the subsequent month. Players will have their performance tracked in three different categories: Damage Per Minute, Repair Per Minute, and Bombs Delivered.

At the end of each season, Hall of Fame awards will be granted.

Additional Languages Supported

Heavy Metal Machines is now available in French, German, and Spanish.

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