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Sunday, February 26, 2017

World of Tanks Fatherland day event IS-3A tank released

t’s big, red, and weighs over 50 tons. To celebrate Russia’s “Defender of the Fatherland Day”, World of Tanks Console is rolling out a new epic event that earns players the formidable Soviet “Fatherland” IS-3A, along with plenty of rewards along the way.

This particular “Earn Op”, available until February 28, requires you to gain special “Fatherland” medals by dishing out 500 damage in a multiplayer battle using Soviet vehicles of Tier III or higher. There are a total of five “Fatherland” medals to pin on your chest, and once you have them all, this unique IS-3A is yours.

Those that know the IS-3, IS-6 or 110 have witnessed the benefits of sloped armor, and the “Fatherland” is just like them. Great for bouncing shells and utilizing “side-scraping”, this heavyweight is more than a defensive beast; it packs a 122 mm canon—and the whole tank is adorned in a unique crimson paint job.

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