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Thursday, February 09, 2017

Ice Cream Headaches - Second Adventure Pack for Card Based RPG Guild of Dungeoneering - iOS

The launch of the second adventure pack for the quirky and unique card based RPG Guild of Dungeoneering on iOS and Android. Ice Cream Headaches gives gamers even more reasons to continue adventuring with a whole new ‘cold’ themed region, 3 more classes of dungeoneers to recruit, 21 new quests, 30 new monsters and bosses to battle, and lots of new loot to equip. It also introduces an important new mechanic to the game called ‘Favour’ which adds a whole new strategic element to dungeon creation.

Guild of Dungeoneering turns traditional dungeon crawling on its head by putting a new spin on classic game play – rather than controlling a dungeoneer, players build their dungeon around themselves. Using a random deck of cards, players can expand the dungeon and strategically place loot and monsters to lure their dungeoneer in the direction they want him (or her) to go. When their dungeoneer confronts a monster (either willingly or not), battle lines are drawn and the victor will be decided on how cunning a player is with the hand that’s been dealt to them. Over time, as players collect enough gold and gain more experience, they will be able to build out their own Guild by adding rooms to attract more-powerful adventurers to unlock better weapons and special cards for their Guild deck all in the name of fame and fortune.

The Guild of Dungeoneering: Ice Cream Headaches adventure pack is now available for free on iOS and Android for existing owners. Players new to the franchise can pick up the entire game including both adventure packs for $5.99/€5.99/£5.99.

The base game is available on Steam for $14.99. Mobile versions of Guild of Dungeoneering are also available on the App Store and Google Play store.

Available on Steam:

Available on the App Store:

Available on Google Play:

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