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Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Legendary White Dwarf Grobrindal download for free in Total War: WARHAMMER - Link

Following a period of exclusivity with Games Workshop stores last year, the new Legendary Lord Grombrindal, The White Dwarf himself, is now available for all Total War: WARAHMMER players to download for free. Grombrindal stands shoulder to shoulder with his Dwarfen brethren Thorgrim Grudgebearer and Ungrim the Slayer King as a leader of Dwarfen campaigns.

A brand new way to play through hundreds of hours of the Grand Campaign, Grombrindal has a number of traits and abilities which make him a unique Legendary Lord. Unique battle abilities, and some extreme new campaign map abilities offer players a whole new approach to Total War: WARHAMMER. All for free.

Like all Legendary Lords, Grombrindal unlocks a series of unique quests as he levels up, each of which rewards him with his legendary wargear. Grombrindal has four unique quest-chains, bestowing him with the Rune Helm of Zhufbar, the Armour of Glimril Scales, the Rune Cloak of Valaya and the Rune Axe of Grimnir.

Owners of Total War: WARHAMMER can download Grombrindal for free now:

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