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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Pokémon Music Medley - By Chinese cellist Tina Guo

Yina Guo is a Chinese cellist and erhuist from Shanghai. She has developed an international multi-faceted performance and recording career as a cellist, electric cellist, erhuist, and composer known for her distinctive sound, videos that showcase her talent against theatrical backdrops and elaborate costumes, mastery in a wide range of genres, and improvisatory style in major motion picture, television, and game scores. 


Tina is the world-famous cellist who has performed with the likes of Ariana Grande, Alicia Keys and Ellie Goulding, and is about to release a collection of our favourite video game soundtracks rearranged into classical music tracks. Music will include the likes of:

- Pokemon
- Legend of Zelda
- Final Fantasy
- Halo
- Call of Duty
- Super Mario

The Legend of Zelda - Music by Tina Guo


 The Rains of Castamere - Music by Tina Guo


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