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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Geo - Building an intergalactic planet mining corporation - PC

Head for the stars as a startup intergalactic mining corp and drill your way to riches and glory in your quest to become the largest and most profitable corporation in the endless black.

Upgrade your HQ with new facilities, hire and upgrade crew members you find on your travels through the procedurally generated cosmos. Explore and find a huge list of Comets, Planets, Moons and Gas Giants, discover giant frozen planets, acid filled metallic moons, scorching sandy comets and then drill the cash out of them!

Record and research over 200 items and ground types to unlock new drills, new crew members and facilities for your HQ. If you have the power make your way to the very core of the planet for huge prizes and core fragments used to power the all powerful "Coretrium" machine for huge stat upgrades.

Geo is a colourful, humorous, challenging and exciting "tycoon" simulation game with over 200 drill sites to find (each with their own depth, gravity, elemental effects and more), over 90 crazy crew members to hire and upgrade, 40 facilities to unlock and much more. Everything has a purpose, from the mud you drill to the false teeth you find in a chest. Geo is a drilling/mining game with a ton of content and a fun and detailed visual style with a deep stat building system and much more.

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