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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Pokémon Go version 1.19 update what the changes mean to players - transfer more than one Pokémon to Professor Willow

This update to Pokémon Go is version 1.19 on Android and 0.49 on iOS

  • Trainers will be able to transfer multiple Pokémon at a time to Professor Willow. To use this function, press and hold on a Pokémon.
  • Pokémon type icons have been added to the Gym battle approach and Gym battle screen.
  • The total Candy count for your Buddy Pokémon has been added to the buddy information screen.
  • The total kilometers a buddy has walked has been added to the information screen of each Pokémon that has ever been your buddy.
  • Minor text fixes.

If you just press on your Buddy Pokémon, the information screen will finally show how many candies you gained

How much you’ve walked with that Pokémon will also appear.

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