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Friday, December 09, 2016

Harvest Moon 3D: Stories of Two Cities

Harvest Moon 3D: Stories of Two Cities takes players on a journey to the villages Bluebell and Konohana. The inhabitants were once best friends, until they had disputed about where the better cooks came from. Now the former friends meet only to discuss their conflict at the big cooking festival.

Players can choose where they want to live: Bluebell is a European village whose inhabitants mainly love animals. If you prefer Japanese flair and prefer to grow crops and plants, Konohana is the right place. In Harvest Moon 3D: Stories of Two Cities , players will build their own farm, make new friends and maybe fall in love and marry. Will the players also be able to reunite the two quarreled villages? Numerous new characters and animals like the alpaca and honey bees await the Harvest Moon fans. With a tame owl they can fly between the villages. The game features a lot of features like street-pass gameplay and a graphic with 3D effects, which is particularly good in the care of the animals.

Harvest Moon 3D: stories of two cities appear today on 9 December at a suggested retail price of 24.99 euros for Nintendo 3DS.

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