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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

WWE Supercards ranking and wild modes update DLC - iOS Android

Two new modes available in Season 3 of WWE SuperCard, the popular WWE collectible card-battling game for iOS and Android devices.

Wild Mode and Ranked Mode will both launch as part of Season 3 this month:

Wild Mode: An evolution of WWE SuperCard – Season 2’s Exhibition Mode, Wild Mode allows players to use both Active and Legacy cards in open competition. Players can now use cards from Seasons 1, 2 and 3 in the same hand in fast-paced action against AI opponents.
At its core, Wild is an evolution of Exhibition. Exhibition has been a staple of the WWE SuperCard main menu for good reasons: it’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s one of the most efficient ways to get to the Draft Board. In S3, Exhibition will transition to Wild mode and we think it’ll gain another perk by becoming THE place to try out interesting combinations of cards.

Wild mode lets you use all your cards, together, in open competition. To put it another way, you can use Season 1, S2, and S3 cards in the same hand. You can also just use S1 cards. Or just S2 cards. Or a combination of S1 and S2. You’re getting the picture, right? Wild is a No DQ environment where you can change up your cards and compete.

Much like its predecessor, Wild will feature AI opponents with actual user-created decks. And it’s going to keep all of the action at the same fast pace (if not faster). Design-wise, we see these two components as pillars of the Exhibition experience, so we’re keeping them in Wild.

Ranked Mode: A brand new mode for Season 3, Ranked Mode allows players to battle in real time in a live player-vs-player environment. Players will accumulate trophies along the way and view global rankings at any time. For the first time ever, the top players in the game will be rewarded with Credits at the end of every month.

Ranked is an entirely new beast that allows you to battle other players in real-time to prove just how good your deck is in WWE SuperCard. The setup should feel instantly familiar. One player has a six-card deck (four men, two women). The other player has a six-card deck. When a match-up is called, a player plays her card. Then, the other player plays her card. The best card wins. And so on.

This all goes down in a live player-vs-player environment where you have a limited amount of time to pick your card (no trolling allowed with response times) and then see the action unfold in the ring. As you play Ranked, you’ll accumulate Trophies based on your opponent’s deck strength. Your Trophy amount is displayed on a global leaderboard that you can view anytime.

At a later date, we’ll offer rewards for the top players Ranked. We’re still working out the details on that one, so stay tuned.

WWE SuperCard challenges players to build teams of WWE Superstars and Legends, train them to full potential, battle in various match types and test their luck in fast-paced tournament action. Featuring more than 800 cards in active play, with each card representing one of nine different rarity levels, WWE SuperCard delivers an extensive array of collectible content with high replay value. In addition, players can enhance their free-to-play experience through purchase of individual card packs.

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