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Thursday, November 03, 2016

WGL Challenger Rumble Announce Contenders

The six best teams, hailing from Europe, North America, and the APAC region, will battle for two tickets to the Champions Rumble.

Regional Season 1 Finals are over. 12 teams entered their regional battlefields to compete for first and second place. Shots were fired, tempers flared, but only six teams could secure their spot in the Challenger Rumble, held at The Altman Building, New York City, on November 19. Here, the world will discover which of these elite teams can take first and second place, earning themselves a ticket to the Champions Rumble to battle against current World Champion Na’Vi, and HellRaisers, who took second place at the CIS Season 1 Finals.

Let’s see who the best teams from each region are. Hailing from the APAC region, EL Gaming took down B-Gaming for the WGL APAC champion title. It’s been a long road, filled with shells and shrapnel, but these two teams are ready to show the world what the APAC region is made of. Over the pond in Europe, Ding World of Tanks won the final match against Kazna Kru, to become European League champions. After an intense match, Apex finished off eClipse in overtime for the WGLNA Gold League Season 1 title. There’s no doubt each of our six finalists will be battling tooth and nail for the champion title.

However, if you’re still clamoring for more, then we have something for you. The very first World of Tanks Blitz Twister Cup final will take place during the Challenger Rumble as well. A bunch of top tier players will be showcasing the potential of World of Tanks Blitz competitive gaming. So, find out how C4 from the CIS, LEGION from Europe, HEAT from NA and TEAM ID from the APAC region fare as they clash for the World Champion title. The matches will start at 9am New York time.

The entrance to the Challenger Rumble is absolutely free for all. The doors will be opened to the public at 8am New York time , and the matches will start at 1pm New York time. You should know the deal by now: our eSports events mean a schedule exploding with tank action and lots of other entertainment.

For those that can’t make it to the Big Apple, the WGL will have the Twitch stream ready and waiting: (Russian) (English) (Korean) (Taiwanese) (Japanese)
For more information, head to the official portal:

About the League

The League is Wargaming’s professional eSports league established in 2013. It showcases the company’s products in an eSports capacity; runs all-year-round world-class events giving professional and aspiring gamers a platform to compete and excel, and provides its ever-growing, global audience with instant access to premier competitive gaming content.

The League promotes eSports through large-scale events and premium content fostering its popularity among gamers and spectators. Massive prize pools and world-class competitive gaming tournaments with live broadcasts to millions of viewers along with the League’s accessibility attract new teams and contribute to the growth of the audience with the ultimate goal of turning it into a professional sport.

Having grown from a player-encouraged initiative into a global organization, the League puts its community first and evolves based on needs of pro-gamers and viewers. Format and rule sets for matches are continually improved in close cooperation with professional players.

The League infrastructure gives aspiring players a clear ladder of progression for them to transition to the pro-scene. Split into three divisions—Gold, Silver, and Bronze leagues—it allows for skilled players to tap into the world of pro-gaming and provides them with a clear path onward to the top echelon.

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