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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

The Division: Survival DLC delayed but not forgotten - Play today on PC

The Division: Survival DLC was delayed from August to Winter but has been previewed during a live Twitch Broadcast.

Survival will allow up to 24 players to play in 'Survival' mode - to survive!

This new mode takes place in the same New York City map, a snowy version, where players have to travel to Manhattan's centre to discover special items.

Watch live video from on

At the beginning of matches players travel by helicopter (spoiler - it crashes) and players are scattered and have to find their way to the centre.

You start with (green) low-level gear with a pistol and you have to try and find better items while progressing.

Due to the snow and cold your health becomes very important and item you find like coats and scarves now have a 'cold rating'

If your playing on PC and bought the DLC for the Division before November 3rd then you can play the beta version of Survival now. Visit the test server on Uplay (not yet on Steam).

So the DLC will follow for every PC and XO owner along with the free 1.5 patch.

If you're a PlayStation 4 owner you'll have to wait a month to get your hands on the Survival DLC.

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