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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Super Mario - Happy Meals are coming to McDonald's from 11th January to 7th February 2017

McDonald's Happy Meals will include Super Mario toys and games around the time Nintendo announce more details of their new Switch console.

From January 11th until February 7th 2017 Kids Happy Meals will have Super Mario themed content and a box challenge using Super Mario Power-ups to help find Yoshi (hidden somewhere on the box).

The Super Mario Happy Meal box will convert into a tray to eat your Mario happy Meal off.

The box will also feature a book voucher for...
Beast Quest - by Adam Blade of
Rainbow Magic - by Daisy Meadows
Each book will cost £1 not £4.99 (without the voucher) and be available from WHSmith or Eason Also available from as an ebook.

The meal will include one of six coloured balloons each featuring a character from Super Mario.

Keeko colouring pads with mario themes will be available for kids to colour.

Flick Flack folding paper models of Yoshi and other Super Mario friends will also be part of the promotion.

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