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Monday, November 07, 2016

Strike Vector Ex PS4 multiplayer update - PS4 XO

A significant update to its PlayStation 4 aerial-combat title, Strike Vector EX, to create a more dynamic, exciting, and balanced multiplayer experience for hungry aerial combat pilots.

To improve multiplayer matchmaking, RageQuit has reduced the number of player difficulty ranks and fixed the repartition system, among other balancing upgrades to each of its weapons, to make for a smoother, faster, and more competitive experience.
By reducing the number of matchmaking difficulty ranks from 10 to four, gamers will find human players more frequently. And, by fixing the repartition system, human players will be evenly dispatched.

The full list of upgrades and balancing items are below:
  • Weapons/Special Actions balancing:
  • Gatling: Range + Hit damage tuning
  • Swarms: Lock + Damage tuning
  • Carabine: Detonation distance tuning
  • Rockets: Detonation distance tuning
  • Shotgun: Fire interval/Refill Time tuning
  • Rocket Booster: Duration/speed tuning  
  • Game Modes
    • Bounty hunter:
    • Tuning Kebs won/lost when crash/kill
    • Various Bugs fixes:
    • Campaign end-mission crash fix
    • Multiplayer: Players team dispatch at beginning fix
    • Multiplayer: Server crash fix when deconnexion due to high ping/lag
    • Cam switch fix when restarting a challenge
The fully loaded and re-imagined Strike Vector EX delivers a story-driven single-player campaign, customizable Vectors, an excellent offline Skirmish mode, and the ultimate aerial package - the 12-person online multiplayer mode. Bursting with customizable mech-inspired ships, Strike Vector EX disrupts the air combat genre through a combination of precision mechanics, imaginative vehicle designs, and stunning, fast-paced multiplayer fights.

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