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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

SEGA Genesis or SEGA Megadrive goes back into production as it sells 150,000 consoles a day in Brazil

Who would have thought the SEGA Mega Drive or SEGA Genesis is selling as many consoles as the PS4 in Brazil and now it's going back into production.

Retro games are becoming more popular in Brazil with 150,000 Mega Drives sold a day, according to reports. Launched in 1989 the console became an instant hit. Now TechToy have announced they will start to produce the retro star again and it will be compatible with all your oly Mega drive and genesis games.

Not only that TechToy have already produced new games for the console and have plans for many more. Proving that amazing graphics are no substitute for great gameplay.

What's more the new Mega Drive Genesis will have 32 games pre-installed an SD card slot and the original 3-button style controller.

However forget HDMI output you'll have to make do with AV connections as in Brazil old CRT TVs are still the most popular televisions (no lag - yippee).

Costing under $140 (BRL399 or £100) you could grab one for Christmas, fit an AV to HDMI convertor (£13 on Amazon here ) and you're back in the 90s with classic games.

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