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Thursday, November 17, 2016

JRPG Legrand Legacy Launches on Kickstarter Plus: Pre-alpha Prologue Chapter download link PC

A tactical turn-based RPG that takes you on a journey through Legrand, a chaotic world that's torn apart by civil war and threatened by an otherworldly invasion. You play as Finn, the reluctant leader of a band of unlikely heroes, who soon discovers that the true peril to their universe lies within themselves.

Prologue Chapter Direct Download -

Kickstarter -

The project was initiated in 2014. Legrand Legacy launched on Steam Greenlight on 22 September 2016 and was Greenlit by the community in just 12 days.


  • A fully immersive experience with detailed universe designs, live 2D, and a rich storyline
  • 2.5D visuals – 3D models and original assets with stylized hand-drawn 2D backgrounds
  • Seriously awesome fully rendered in-game 3D cinematic
  • Turn-based combat with Quick Time Event (aka ACT – Action Circle Tempo) that will test your strategy and keep you on your toes
  • Put your war general hat on and deploy your troops to wars
  • Recruit Non Player Characters (NPCs) to revamp your Headquarters
  • Take a detour from the main mission and go on rewarding side quests
  • Customize items and grimoire that characters can wield in combat, set combat formation, or review journal to track quests
  • Collect loot from slain enemies and craft items or sell them for money
  • Expected playtime is more than 30 hours

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