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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Fishing for Giants airheart update features list - PC

There are some new fish in the sky and hunting them is not so easy - instead of just catching them with your plane you have to use harpoon to drag them to your base on Granaria.

The second update brings also some new features steam community asked for: possibility to use relative controls (instead of default absolute steering), weapon's cooldown visualization, clear indication of health loss, timer for weapons from weapon crate and more!

Airheart is a "dieselpunk action game" about a woman named Amelia who lives among great, floating islands in the sky. She catches skyfish with her airplane, and dreams of one day reaching the stratosphere and bagging the fabled Skywhale, a feat which would earn her a lifetime of fame and fortune. But first, she has to survive against competing fishers, skypirates, and other threats that make the flying fishing profession a lot more dangerous than you might think.

The basics of gameplay sound quite straightforward venture out to catch fish, return home safely to sell them, buy new equipment to upgrade your plane, do it all over again but features like customizable planes, hidden "launch bases," boss fights, and blueprints for crafting promise to mix in some variety and complexity. The screens are gorgeous, too you can see a few of them below although the two-dimensional gameplay shown in the trailer leaves me a little bit less impressed. (A plane that can't go up or down is just a car with bad steering, right?)

Airheart will also dig into some powerful social themes: Amelia is an immigrant to "the Above," reaching it only after a perilous journey through the desert with her father and learning quickly after her arrival that it is not as warm and welcoming a place as it seemed.

New Features:

Relative steering
One of the big requests for keyboard users was being able to steer the airplane left and right. Player can now switch from direct to relative controls in the options menu.

First Whale: Minke
There has been a rare sighting above Granaria! A Minke whale is roaming the space above the city. Fishermen's dreams have awakened. Who will be the one to defeat the giant and bring it back down?

It’s finally here! The most sophisticated hunting machinery for the modern skyfish fisherman.
Anything you shoot at the harpoon will stick to and you will be able to reel-in all those fantastic prizes.

New fish: Dodolphin
A friendly and highly-valuable large fish inhabiting the higher skylayers. Some say it isn't even a fish, but who knows.

New fish: Lionfish
Feisty territorial competitors of the higher regions. Many fishermen who thought of fish as easy prey have met their end in a swarm of angry Lionfish. They fetch a great price, though.

New fish: Cratefish
Fish, which looks like a health pack.
Sometimes nature saves creatures from predators by giving them the ability to blend in wonderfully into their environment. A very clever and majestic trick.
This is certainly not the case for the cratefish though.

Return animation
Instead of Amelia just vanishing when returning and crashing, you can now see her getting back down. Does this help you in any way? Not really... but at least it should make it more clear why you lose your airplane.

Life ring loss
The life rings of enemies and Amelia show now more accurately when life is lost.
Red segments will fly out every time damage is received.

Weapon cooldown visualization
You can now check the cooldown of each weapon in a small reticule around the target cursor.
Unsure when you can use that Skysweeper again? This should help you to perfect that rhythm.

Game progress wipe
New randomization, new values, new balancing. The universe has changed, so have you. Everything you owned is gone. You have to start anew. But we believe in you!

The Fishing For Giants content update also brings with it new randomization, new values, new balancing. The universe has changed, so game progress has been wiped. Everything player owned is gone.

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