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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Daytona 3 Championship USA as SEGA return to the arcade

SEGA announce a new coin-op game Daytona 3 Championship USA as the company get back into gaming hardware.

However SEGA never really stopped making arcade machines they just slowed down (a lot).

Daytona 3 Championship USA will be an updated remake of the original Daytona International Speedway game from 1993 (I loved it). I can remember how sore my thumbs were after playing the game for hours. In those days I had to hired it from Blockbusters!
Daytona 3 Championship USA will feature three new tracks, support up to eight players and stream LIVE TV to allow others to watch the action.

Daytona USA Retro video from 2011

Patrick Michael, from SEGA amusements said 'This is a game changer. This is a premium game that delivers on quality, player experience, and operator features that sets a very high bar for arcade video racing games. Importantly we have based it on the original game engine that gave us the amazing ‘AI’ and ‘catch up’ feeling that we all grew to love.’

I can't wait to see and play it.

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