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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Bohemia new game trailer for Ylands and Project Argo

Ylands, which already soft-launched a few months ago, is a cheerful sandbox game for players of all ages, where you create your own adventures, alone or with friends in multiplayer. Build whatever you want using the many in-game items, or simply fight for survival.
Each island is procedurally generated for the player, ranging from locations with a more temperate climate, to tropical rain-forests, scorching hot deserts, ice-cold polar areas, tundras, and more. Ylands is currently in Alpha, and is made with Unity. The game, as well as a free trial version, is now available on the Bohemia Store. Learn more about Ylands at

The second Incubator game is Project Argo, which is an experimental total conversion of Arma 3. In essence, Project Argo is a competitive tactical first-person shooter, where two bands of mercenaries compete over objectives in a 5-vs-5 match-up. Set on the island of Malden, the game features three modes, and depending on the mode, each match should take about 15 to 30 minutes. The Open Prototype of Project Argo is now available to play for free via the Bohemia Store. For more information about Project Argo, head over to the game’s website at

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