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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Animal Crossing Direct New Leaf the live update announcement


Amiibo update and how to use them for New Nintendo 3DS or New Nintendo 3DS XL

Part one

1 - Get your system ready
2 - Get your amiibo ready
3 - tap your amiibo on your system
4 - Done

How to use amiibo

Part two for Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL or Nintendo 2DS

1 - Have your system ready
2 - Have your Nintendo 3DS NFC Reader/Writer ready
3 - Power on your Nintendo 3DS NFC Reader/Writer
4 - Place your NFC reader next to your system
5 - Tap an amiibo on the RFC device
6 - Done

The amiibo cards and what they can do...

Will rubs the magic lamp and Wisp appears and grant him a wish. Grab an amiibo card.

Introducing 50 new villagers who have never visited your town before.

Talk to Wisp and use an amiibo card. Wisp will take on the identity of that amiibo. Just select 'come and play' and the real amiibo will arrive.

Visit Harvey's camp ground and the RVs arrive with your new amiibo once you invite them. New item and lots more can be bought at the camp - just visit the RVs.

You can invite the visitors to join you in your town.

So go on and invite your amiibos to your town.

This update also includes the amiibo camera function - have fun.

Desert Island Escape a new seven day adventure included in this update.

You can earn new MEOW Coupons just by doing what you did everyday!

Plus and a secret store room to your house that you can access anytime.

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