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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Robinson: The Journey VR PGW 2015 - VR game trailer and features

When the Esmeralda crash-lands on Tyson III, a boy named Robin is left stranded. He must rely on his wits – and two unlikely companions – to survive.

As he searches for the lost crew and comes face-to-face with dinosaurs, Robin discovers that Tyson III is not the paradise once promised…

Become the first human to explore an extrasolar planet, interact with strange and extraordinary creatures – from the smallest insects to immense and terrifying apex predators – and experience the intense realism of a virtual world powered by CRYENGINE.


Experience an unparalleled sense of presence as you immerse yourself in a mysterious and beautiful world. Navigate dangerous terrain and come face-to-face with dinosaurs in an intensely realistic adventure powered by PlayStation VR and CRYENGINE.
Stranded on an alien planet, players must guide Robin on a journey of discovery and survival. Uncover the secrets of Robin’s incredible surroundings on a quest to find out what happened to your spaceship, the Esmeralda – and whether you really the sole survivor.
Come face-to-face with extraordinary dinosaurs – use your wits and outsmart hungry predators to survive.

Developer : Crytek
Genre: Adventure
Release Date: 09-Nov-16
No. of Players: 1 player
Localisation: ENGLISH (Audio) EFIGS (Text only)
Price Band: €59.99 / £49.99
Format: Boxed Disc (2nd party) / Digital (3rd Party)
Mode: PlayStation VR Required
Peripherals: DS4

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