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Saturday, October 01, 2016

Pokémon GO reduces Japanese Tojinbo cliff suicides

Tojinbo is a series of cliffs on the Sea of Japan the cliffs have a tragic history of suicide.

Roughly 150 people have taken their life last year. Authorities struggled to solve the problem but Pokemon GO has had an effect.

Suicides have reportedly dropped drastically in the months of August and September according to the Japanese Times newspaper.

A former police officer Yukio Shige who is founder of a non-profit suicide prevention organization, believes this can be attributed to new Pokestops along this cliffs. Pokestops have increased the number of pedestrians in the region, discouraging anyone who might wish to take their life.

“People who contemplate suicide tend to go to quiet places before finalizing their decision,” Shige explained. “But now such places attract Pokemon GO players.” Shige even encountered one suicidal individual who changed their mind, claiming the atmosphere “was not quite right for committing suicide.”

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