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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Paragon - Prepare for Shadow’s Eve! October 11 - November 6

Over the next two weeks (October 11-24) everyone who has linked their Twitch account will have a chance to win up to six Shadow’s Eve skins on Twitch by watching or streaming Paragon. The skins that are being dropped will vary each week, so check out the full breakdown below.

Shadow’s Eve arrives with a special treat, Dock-o-Lantern Murdock is available for all players to equip for free during this event. Players who have linked their Twitch account by November 6 can permanently unlock this skin on their account to keep blasting enemies as a pumpkin head all year long!

All six of the main Shadow’s Eve skins (Sweet Dreams Khaimera, Feline Queen Sparrow, Mephisto Gideon, Skull-Bot Twinblast, Spider Witch Belica, Franken-Grux) will be on for sale for a limited time only (October 25 to November 6), with a discounted bundle of all six also available.

We’ll also be introducing dynamic bundles with this sale, which let you keep the bundle’s discount and only pay for the bundle content you don’t already own. Example: You already won two skins from the Twitch drop. You can get a bundle for the remaining four skins at the discounted price, without paying extra for skins you already own.

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